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aminomethylbenzoic acid
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Aliase: hemostatic aryl acid
English name: P-Aminomethylbenzoic Acid...
    • aminomethylbenzoic acid
    • aminomethylbenzoic acid
The product description

Aliase: hemostatic aryl acid

English name: P-Aminomethylbenzoic Acid

Chemical name: P-benzoic acid-hydrate

Mol. formula: C8H9NO2•H2O

Mol. wt.: 169.18

CAS: 56-91-7

A. Quality standard: CP, registered standard 

Product model: Bulk pharmaceutical chemicals 

aminomethylbenzoic acid


Our company specializes in production of aminomethylbenzoic acid bulk drug which is white crystalline powder.  

Aminomethylbenzoic acid falls into hemostatics and there are mainly aminomethylbenzoic acid tablet and aminomethylbenzoic acid injection now. 

Aminomethylbenzoic acid is mainly used for bleeding resulting from excessive digest of primary fibrous protein, including acute and chronic, local or systemic fibrinolytic hyperactive bleeding and the latter is common in cancer, leukemia, obstetrics and gynecology accident or serious liver bleeding.

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