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Tranexamic Acid
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Aliase: Transamine, coagulant ammonia, tranexamic acid and transamin
    • Tranexamic Acid
    • Tranexamic Acid
The product description

Aliase: Transamine, coagulant ammonia, tranexamic acid and transamin

English name: Tranexamic Acid (Hemostatic cyclo acid)

Chemical name: (e)-4-ammonia methyl cyclohexane formate

Mol. formula: C8H15NO2

Mol. wt.: 157.21

CAS: 1197-18-8

A. Quality standard: CP2015/BP/EP / JP/USP 

Our company specializes in the production of tranexamic acid bulk drug conforming to pharmacopeia standards such as CP2015, USP35, BP2013, JP16 and EP7 and passing new GMP certification and American FDA certification. Two national invention patents are applied for the product.

Tranexamic acid is one synthetical amino acid and also called as transamine, tranexamic acid and tranexamicbcid, etc. which has hemostasis and antiinflammatory pharmacological effect. It's widely used to surgery department, internal medicine department, urology department, gynecology & obstetrics department, etc. clinically and for treating various hemorrhagic disorders and abnormal bleeding at the moment of surgery. Due to restraining melanophore activity as well as preventing and improving skin pigmentation, it has cosmetic effect. 

Performance and state of tranexamic acid:

1. Firstly, it's white powder or crystal

2. Its pure content exceeds 90%

3. Due to some characteristics of tranexamic acid, little influence on weight loss arises after it dries

4. Its melting point is relatively high

5. Under the situation of high-temperature roaring, there are very few residues, less than 0.1% 

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