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The center introduces one "innovative and entrepreneurial talent" in Jiangsu Province, one creative cloud plan talent in Changzhou City and one "innovative and entrepreneurial doctor" in Jiangsu Province from 2015. The center has one research team consisting of about 35 members, including 4 doctors, 3 masters and 28 undergraduates and junior college students.   

Yu Luoting is the professor of national key laboratory for biotherapy of Sichuan University, deputy general manager of Changzhou Yinsheng Pharmacy Co., Ltd. and main technical principal of the center. In 2015, he is selected by "innovative and entrepreneurial" plan talent project in Jiangsu Province. He mainly researches medicinal chemistry, chemicobiology and asymmetric synthesis chemistry. He has rich experience in medicinal development and chemical synthesis research. Now, he presides over several new drug research and development projects including many micromolecular targeted drugs such as new antineoplastic drug, new antituberculous drug and new anti-hepatitis drug. In recent years, he develops several lead compounds and preclinical candidate drugs with new chemical structure, realizes project approval of several scientific research projects (including major special project for creation of national major new drugs) and signs new drug achievement transfer and cooperative development contract with several large pharmaceutical enterprises in China with project fund reaching to RMB tens of millions. He publishes more than 20 articles on foreign journals such as JACS, BMCL, CBDD, Tetrahedron, Heterocycles and Molecules as well as some domestic journals. As the project leader, he undertakes four national science and technology projects (including three national major special projects) as well as four enterprise cooperation projects. As the deputy group leader of the project (first named inventor of the patent), he undertakes one national major special project and one enterprise cooperation project. National fund exceeds more than RMB 5 million and enterprise contract amount reaches to RMB tens of millions. In the terms of patent, as the first named inventor, he applies for 16 Chinese patents and world patents, including 6 authorized patents and 2 PCT patents. 29 patents have been applied totally, including 12 patents which have been authorized.   

Doctor Tao Xin, male, born in 1984 is deputy general manager for technology of Changzhou Yinsheng Pharmacy Co., Ltd., doctoral candidate of biological and medical engineering, granted with medium-grade professional title and the clinical director of the center. After working in Changzhou Yinsheng Pharmacy Co., Ltd. for 12 years, he has rich experience in drug research and industrialization study. He takes full responsibility for company's technology research and development and quality work, participates in and completes GMP certification of bulk drug workshop as principal, presides over and passes reexamination of American FDA certification of company's tranexamic acid bulk drug workshop and has rich experience in project management and quality certification as well as strong international market development ability and experience as well as undertook or participated in several national-level, city-level and district-level science and technology projects once. He presides over preclinical research and development work regarding the first type of two new anti-HCV drugs of the company as well as declares and gets 2 approved documents of clinical tests. 

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